Australian Businesses are Spending $33 Million Every Month for Renewables

December 2016 was a record investment month in the renewable technology by Australian businesses.

More Australian businesses are investing in solar power than ever before as reported by ABC News. According to new data presented by consultancy firm Sunwiz, December 2016 was a record investment month for renewable technology by Australian businesses. Warwick Johnson, Sunwiz managing director, stated that Australian businesses invested a total of $33 million in solar energy in December 2016. The household sector also showed growth with $70 million invested last December, which is more than a 30% rise over the last 12 months. He also said that the growth was part of an overall trend. Johnson puts the growth down to rising electricity prices among the changes to the Federal Government’s renewable energy rebate. He also said that Australian solar companies were getting better at marketing their products. He also added that a ripple effect was also taking place in the marketplace, where companies were observing their competition, investing and thinking solar could be a good investment. Click here to read the full story on ABC News
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Written by Jon Capistrano

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