Australian Battery Company Challenges Tesla

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
March 21, 2017

Australian large-scale battery company, Lyon Solar stated that they can do a better job in providing energy storage in South Australia than high-profile Tesla Inc., which would be challenged by entry into the local market.

The solar and battery storage project developer say they can have large-scale battery and storage up and running in South Australia before next summer. According to Lyon Solar partner David Green, they’ve been talking to the South Australian government for some time about the project. He also said that they are better placed as compared to Tesla because they are the first group to have developed a project in Australia and works its way through all the processes that are required.

Another local alternative energy and battery storage provider, Carnegie Clean Energy, is in talks with the South Australian government about battery storage solutions to help fix the state’s energy crisis. Carnegie Clean Energy said that they are involved in more than 25 large-scale solar battery storage projects and can deliver an Australian solution in stabilising South Australia’s electricity network.

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