2020: Renewables On the Road To Meeting One Third of Electricity Needs

Green Energy Markets reports that renewables are on track to supply 1/3 of electricity needs in Australia by 2020

ABC News recently reported on research from Green Energy Markets (GEM) which indicates renewables may be able to supply one third of electricity needs in Australia by the year 2020. That is, if all planned projects go ahead and solar remains a popular option for both residential and commercial customers. Here are the key takeaways of the GEM research:
  • Renewables covered 17.3% of annual electricity consumption in 2015.
  • If renewables are able to reach one third by 2020, this will mean renewable supply almost doubled.
  • May 2018 was a record breaking month for solar PV installations.
  • Renewable energy avoided 2.4 million tonnes of CO2 pollution during May 2018.
Even if contracting and construction commitments to solar farms and wind farms halted from today, ongoing installations of rooftop solar should see renewables share reaching 39 per cent by 2030 GEM director Tristan Edis
This research indicates a strong future for solar in Australia. Read the full story here.

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