150 Days of Renewable and Clean Electricity in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2021. Its size, natural resources and electricity consumption all help achieve this goal

costa rica geothermal
Wonderful news from ABC, Costa Rica has achieved 150 days of electricity production solely through renewable energy sources. The country was powered using carbon-free electricity for 76 days straight from June 17, as stated by the Costa Rica Electricity Institute. In August, over 80% of their electricity came from hydro sources, while geothermal power contributed nearly 13% of electrical power. According to Manuel Obregon, based on their projections, they will close 2016 with only 2% of thermal production. It will give them a key to fulfill the commitment rate stability support. Costa Rica is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2021 and its size, available natural resources and electricity consumption all help achieve this goal. The country’s heavy tropical rainfalls and volcanoes provide great sources of energy which helps power the country’s four hydraulic plants as well as their geothermic energy production. The country is smaller as compared to Tasmania and its lack of major energy-intensive industry and a small population of 4.9 million means that Costa Rica consumes less energy compared to bigger countries. Is it possible for a bigger country to be carbon-free? It’s possible, but it would require reliable renewable resources, enhanced energy storage and custom or tailored electricity needs as stated by research director Robert Brecha of the Hanley Sustainability Institute. Click here to read the full story on ABC News Featured Image Credit: ABC news

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