14 Pacific Island Nations Considering Banning Fossil Fossils

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
July 21, 2016

Fourteen nations are presently considering the world’s first ban on fossil fuels. This initiative is part of the climate treaty that would embrace the historic Paris climate deal and design a roadmap in meeting the international goals based on an article by Inhabitat.

The proposed agreement up for talks at the yearly leader’s summit of the Pacific Islands Development Forum would ban new coal mines, develop targets for renewable energy growth and set limits for temperature increases. The insiders are optimistic that the treaty will progress, as national leaders have responded positively to the initiative.

According to Mahendra Kumar, climate change adviser to PIDF, the island leaders looked convinced that this is an avenue where the pacific could again build and show on the moral and political leadership that they’ve shown earlier in their efforts in tackling climate change. Kumar also stated that the treaty who were authored by a group of NGO Pacific Island Climate Network will undergo several rounds of consultations that will lead them to a report at next year’s summit. The earliest climate treaty would go in effect in 2018.

Fiji’s leadership established the PIDF in 2013, excluding New Zealand and Australia because the said 2 nations which belong to the older Pacific forum tried to sabotage PIDF’s first meeting. The new group adopted the ambitious target set in Paris and pursue in banning new coal mines, as well as guarantee universal access to clean energy by the year 2030. The proposed treaty would also set up a pacific framework for renewable energy to that end as well as establish a fund to compensate communities that have suffered the consequences of the continued climate change.

Click here to read full story on Inhabitat

Image credit: Inhabitat

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